If you require 2 identical items, we will give you a 5% discount. Up the items to 3 or more in total and receive 10% off! Plus, take advantage of our Exclusive Grandparent's Discount!

(Rental cost includes taxes. Deposit is credit only, payment of COP)

Items Available           Weekly Rental    

Infant carseat/Eddie Bauer/Britax- Rear facing up to 35 lbs/15 kg- c/w canopy, infant head support, and base   $35.00    
Comfort Sport /Graco   $35.00    
Toddler carseat-Britax/Eddie Bauer   $35.00    
Combination Toddler/booster Carseat / 5 point model   $35.00    
Booster seat/ requires shoulder seat belt   $35.00    
Seating   1st week Add'tn weeks  
High chair   $15.00 $9.00  
Booster Chair/tray   $15.00 $9.00  

Entertainment   1st week Add'tn weeks  
Entertainer/Exersaucer type toy...but Better!   $17.00 $8.50  
Box of toys/infant, sitting baby, toddler, or any combination   $20.00 $8.00  

Mobility   1st week Add'tn weeks  
Single stroller/Graco/Eddie Bauer/ LiteRider reclining stroller with 7" wheels and a large basket. Easy fold down.   $40.00 $15.00  
Single jogging stroller/Pathfinder - large 'bike' wheels great for rough terrain.   $40.00 $16.00  
Umbrella stroller   $25.00 $9.00  
S by S, Umbrella double stroller   $25.00 $12.00  
Tandem double stroller/Graco - separate reclining functions c/w canopy (children sit one in front of the other).   $35.00 $17.00  
Sit N Stand LX Tandem Stroller / with carseat Snap N Go attachment system - Baby Trend   $40.00 $20.00  
Baby backpack/Kelty Kids framed backpack - excellent for hiking.   $27.00 $14.00


Baby Comfort   1st week Add'tn weeks  
      *min. 3 day rental
  $27.50 - you provide batteries
      $35.00 - we provide initial set of batteries

Baby Sleep   1st week Add'tn weeks  
Baby Bassinet/Vibrating bassinet - Fisher-Price - more narrow than above.
We supply first set of batteries only on 1 week rental or more. Use for an   infant up to age 3 months - or when Baby is first able to roll.
  $30.00 $15.00  
Pack'n Play/Playpen
Basic playpen. Folds down easily. Fits into carry bag. Will comfortably hold 2 infants, or 1 Baby/toddler.
  $30.00 $20.00  
Pack'n play /Sport. Similar to above but larger - will hold 2 babies, or 1 toddler   $30.00 $20.00  
Ultimate Pack'n Play with canopy/Great for Outdoor Use! c/w partially netted tent overtop of bassinet - Shade and Bug protection!   $36.00 $20.00  
**Crib w/ bedding
*min. 1 week rental. Mattress, mattress cover, bottom sheet, bumpers & blanket if required
        Includes delivery, setup, teardown, & pickup

Those Little Extras   1st week Add'tn weeks  
Infant bath/Fisher-Price   $12.00 $2.00  
Baby gate/Safety First/ - pressure mounted - not for use on top of stairs   $12.00 $5.00  
Baby gate/SuperGate - pressure mounted - not for use on top of stairs   $12.00 $5.00  
Baby gate/FisherPrice - pressure mounted - not for use on top of stairs   $12.00 $5.00  

**If you Rent the Crib, We Must Deliver, Set-up, Tear down & Pick up, therefore, a $50 charge is included in the First Week Rental charge for delivery to most of Edmonton. An additional charge may be levied for other areas. Otherwise, all other items can be picked up by appointment. Or, if you prefer, regular delivery to most areas of Edmonton is $10 (with expected Pick up, add $5)

Delivery is Free*** on all orders above $250.00

(***after discounts - in Edmonton area)

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